The proliferation of weapons by Russia and China
to the OIC nations has helped to split the world
apart into two great encampments. But the terrible,
apocalyptic power of Almighty God's Scriptural
fulfillments is with
Daniel's fourth beast, Western
Civilization's NATO

Allied power is consistent with prophetic judgments
pronounced millenia ago. The Book of Revelation's
prophecies were preceded by the Jewish
scenarios of worldwide trauma.

As in the Days of Noah, most human beings are
now under Messianic scrutiny and
judgment. The
march to Jerusalem by jihadists and United Nations
Peacekeeping Forces, and the devolving societal
decay of Western hedonists, have brought us to the
end of an era.

On Earth as It is in Heaven reveals a quiet,
graceful, unseen
Theocratic Power now fully set in
motion for the beginning of Emmanuel's Millennial
Civilization. This perception, if seen at all, is mostly
met with incredulity and sinful cynicism by the
citizens of a
dying world order.

The enemies of Israel will launch offensives hoping
a World Without Zionism, an end to the alleged,
hegemony of the United States of America,
and a subsequent international, UN voting bloc
dominated by nations who have always voted
against the advancement of
Israeli Zionism.

Americanism and Zionism are the Mind and
Heart of Messianism and Millennial global

This knowledge will be the foundational dynamic of
a global,
sanctified political philosophy, immutable
counsel and governance from the leaders of NATO,
Western Civilization's Judeo-Christianity.

Allahu Akhbar! God, indeed, is great, but He is
with us, the Emmanu El of Israel. We are sent now
to reveal this to those in
darkness, jihadists in the
stupor of their malevolent hoax, the self-inflicted
deception of militant jihad's proactive Jew-hatred.

Messiah Emmanuel Himself is the Jewish,
Apocalyptic Commander of Zionism's Israeli
aerospace power. The delegated powers of Our
Lord Jesus Christ will strike down jihadists and
some of the OIC nations who choose to mobilize
against God's Judeo-Christian People.