The aerospace power of the God of Israel, from the
sea and from the air, is poised for military events  
that exceed humanity's every historical precedent.

Empowered, commanding personalities, whose hot
love is exceeded only by their cold
hatred of
corruption and sin, will employ aerospace power to
contain, to turn to surrender, or to eliminate, all
offensive enemies of NATO's Western Civilization.  

General Giulio
Douhet has been called the father of
strategic bombing. The defeat of the Third Reich
and Imperial Japan was attributable to the bold
inspiration given by General Douhet, as well as the
USA's General
Curtis LeMay. Through inspired
leaders such as these we will soon eyewitness

terrorism in its death throes.

With every successful
UAV strike, eliminating
leader of terrorist operations, the impenitent
malevolence of Islamic jihadists, impenitent sinners
"love death" instead of life, only worsens.

The mobilization of
Magog states, led for now by
Russian-backed Iran and Hezbollah, will animate
aerospace power. But all NATO nations,
preponderantly non-Islamic, are vulnerable to the
infiltration and presence of the jihadist entity.

The IDF-USA-NATO superstructure
protects and,
when necessary,
preempts and avenges the violence
of offensive enemy entities by an airpower that
launches from platforms on land,
from the sea, and
in the air.

Hot love and cold hate are internalized qualities
brought on by an offensive mortal threat against
those we love. The power of kings to make war is a
role now given to leaders who are not lukewarm,
who countermand the
unholy war offensively
perpetrated by the radical jihadist entities.

The minds and hearts of Israel's victorious
kings are revealed in an
apocalyptic war strategy
that reciprocates and overwhelmingly countermands
the enemy's offensive strategy.

As they would do to us, has to be done to them.

The Spirit of Israeli kings, the love and wisdom of
Joshua and David's
counteroffensive violence, is
driven by the Will of God Himself, now restoring
and optimizing the Jewish State.

Optimization of aerospace weapons is revealed in
the quiet, graceful,
omnipotent deployment of allied
systems and the global exhibition of
counteroffensive strategic

Jeremiah's Wine reveals that disobedient nations will
undergo an era when the common corruptions of
impenitent human behavior are
struck down by
Israeli King Emmanuel, Our Lord and Messiah.