Humankind's atheism, barbarism, and hedonism
affect, countermand, and control the natural
state-of-being under the influence of corruption,
causing abandonment; compulsive
lead sinners into the subnormal domain of the
shroud of death.

Self-improvement commands a personality toward
Life, by consistent voluntary choices, to overcome
all inclinations to deathly, behavioral

Consummate fear of God causes love, that is, a
mind and heart that loves
the Design of God's Plan
leading those who
walk with God to live eternally
within Emmanuel's everlasting society.

Immortality refers to the spiritual reality that our
Creator, Father, and Savior
did not create human
beings for death, but for life. Without sexual
immorality; without backsliding recidivism to felony
misconduct and death;
to live eternally with health
and wealth,
is our Millennial reward.

God did
not create us for a police state. Through
great men like our teacher Moses, kings David and
Solomon, and the Prophet Elijah, God our Father
did not establish and restore
Herzl's Zionist, Davidic
civilization only to necessitate an
Iron Scepter on a
lawless, misbehaved, and violent people.

Our world, now in the 21st century since the
Incarnation of Zion's Lord Emmanuel, is teetering
on the verge of
general self-destruction.

Behavioral corruption is nearly universal; people
choose to be consumptive animals, essentially
uncivilized. This can be proven in a hypothesis of
survival and savagery alike to
The Lord of the Flies

In real-life scenarios, in society's streetlife and bars,
in the crime data of urban environments, and in the
virtual inevitability of the apocalyptic
urban crises of
looting, rape, and murder, we can see the reality of
preponderant corruption, the likes of which will be
brought to a favorable
apocalyptic end.

is, too often, the excuse for all crimes of
theft and violence.
Love of pleasure, convoluted
and contrary to the Creator's righteous Design, is
the excuse for all ultra-liberal sins, the worst sins of
sexual sensuality and debauchery.

Humanity is under
universal judgment; but millions
of saints from billions of sinners are now to be the
fruition of Judeo-Christinaity's Messianic Harvest.
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