Mere humanism is an idolatrous global syndrome in
need of vivification by the Spirit, or made extinct by
swordapocalyptic  of the God of Israel.sword
of the God of Israel.

People who will be stubbornly non-receptive to
inspiration forfeit indefinitely the privilege of
citizenship in Emmanuel's Millennial Civilization.

Jeremiah's Wine is a peculiar era: An era of  
inspiration, an era of urban chaos, an era of
violence and war, an era of deceptive false peace,
an era of desolations; this is the apocalyptic era we
are now entering. This era includes the imminent

Seventieth Week
of the Jewish Prophet Daniel.  

Our inspired teachers understand what
sin and
really are. Abandonment by the Spirit of
Almighty God, with confusion and disorientation, is
an indication of
voluntary behaviors that do not
originate from an incorrupt, inspired source.  

Two forces in the societies of Western Civilization
need especial scrutiny in order to
rescue many
people from a disorientation that is unnecessarily
tragic. One of the perennial forces is
the other is the need to fabricate
imaginations, such as the so-called Rapture when,
"this car will have no driver."

We are, indeed, taken to heaven in our afterlife; and
in our
Resurrection we are raptured to the Throne
the King in Zion, the earthly Center of
Emmanuel's Millennial Civilization. But the Church,
the millions of Christians on this planet,
will not be
at all, in any so-called rapture.

Predictions of disappearing, the
'Left Behind'
pseudo-prophetic subsculture
, the Late, Great . . .
mistakes of 20th century
false prophecies are now
to be corrected; not necessarily by this project, but
by the somber reality of inevitability, that we will all
now eyewitness the
Great Tribulation with the
Return of Elijah and Emmanuel to this
blessed planet.

False prophesying is caused by teachers who are
under the influence of behaviors
not inside the
domain of
sanctification. There are behaviors that
could be discovered, whether financial or sexual or
vainglorious, in a spiritual investigation revealing the
cause of
false prophesying by many Christian
neo-evangelists, as well as Islam's predictions about
Sharia Law and the end of our Western Civilization.

We should be aware that
corruptible teachers too
often secretly
indulge in the following behaviors:
1) Gluttony; excessive calories & red meat
2) Alcohol consumption; daily, 'discreet'
3) Substance abuse; tobacco, prescription drug
addictions, 'discreet' cocaine & other illegal drugs
4) Greed; passionate, frequent solicitation of
tax-free donations
5) Secret sexual liasons with congregants and
others; adultery, prostitution, homosexuality,
pedophilia, and pornography

sanctified pastors do none of these behaviors.

But with a view to
the errors of modern 'Rapture'
teachings, we have to encourage God's People to
know that we will
not disappear. We who remain
will meet the Lord Jesus when we are transported
by aircraft to
Zion, to the blessed State of Israel.
We will be joined by the great congregation of
saints who are physically brought back
to life on this very blessed planet Earth.

Till then, we will
overcome all temptations and
endure the Great Tribulation. We are Isaiah's
blessed people who will
endure to the end and be
Sanctification, health, wealth, and
immortality, is our reward
forever. AMEN.
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