Dynamics of Armageddon
Apocalyptic Scepters
The Scepter of Iron
Our forefather King Solomon of Israel was alotted
666 talents of gold annually. This Scepter of Gold,
given by the Almighty God of Israel, is paralleled
today by a blessed class of wealthy citizens who
often are directly instrumental in the political events
that determine the quality of life, or lack thereof, for
millions to billions of people, worldwide.

Our forefather
King David of Israel was given a
Scepter of Iron, an anointed empowerment, that
energized Israel's first King from the tribe of Judah,
to free the beloved Kingdom of Israel from the
occupation of peoples whose lives were an
abomination in the eyes of Our Creator and Father,
Transcendent King of Israel, Emmanuel.

The dynamics of the cataclysmic apocalyptic events
that are now
(2012-2024 A.D.) imminent can be better
understood if we contemplate the ultimate product
of our forefathers' roles as the first kings of Israel
bearing the
Scepter of Judah in the Promised Land.

Shiloh, our Messiah, the Emmanuel of Israel: We
now fully reveal and proclaim this same Person as
the nations' Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This
sacred Identity has been gifted to a world that,
As in the Days of Noah, is a corrupt, disobedient
and dying community of nations.

The self-immolation of this planet is prevented by
the efforts of Emmanuel's saints; sanctified
patriarchs, matriarchs, prophets, kings, apostles,
and servants who are animated to administer the
ironized Will of God, proactively
eliminating offensive entities and establishing
Millennial Civilization On Earth as It is in Heaven.

The Scepter of Gold is blessed, but too often
corruptible by behavioral choices that
anger Our Almighty God.
The Iron is suspect, but
in the administration of
pure wrath, a dying world
will be corrected; or purged, and then selectively

The Remnant of Israeli, Davidic personalities,
wielding the
Iron Scepter of Joshua and Elijah,
God's Everlasting Covenant of Love, will
now effect Michael and Emmanuel's apocalyptic
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