Stephen Locke
Elijah ben-David
Stephen's Impassioned Plea for Peace
Elijah's Apocalyptic War
A COMMON PERSPECTIVE   A World Without Zionism
will be a better world; every honest Jewish person
knows this, but too many Jews are in the stupor of
emotional loyalty. They know that their political
bent is nothing but counter-productive: War instead
of peace; the ethnic exaltation of a race of Hebrew
people that parallels the racist mentality of Aryan
supremacy; global dominance; contempt for
Christians; and conspiratorial manipulation of the
American government by secret intimidation, with
deadly ultimatums.

The dynamic in the Crucifixion of the Messiah also
assaults the goyim.
There is a type of Jew who has
a callous disregard for any goy found outside the
privileged community of this politicized
of organized crime, white-washed by the
exploitation of Biblical history and an
obsession with
in the well-deserved elimination of
sinners, Jews immersed in financial and sexual
corruption in Europe, from 1933-1945.

But we all have met proactive Jewish people whom
we have liked due to the natural outpouring of
charm and wit, and their entrepreneurial energy.
The Jews' domination of the American media
includes the entertainment industry; the industry
that makes us laugh and cry with delight, deeply
satisfied by entertainers and media reporters. But
the Jews take numerous roles grossly
disproportionate to their numbers, exploiting and
always controlling the citizens of Western society.

A REBUTTAL   A few Messianic Jews are now sent to
counsel the accusers of the Jewish people
; our
Scriptural Zionism, our address to Christianity, now
incontrovertibly refutes the common perspective,
bad opinions and anti-Zionist paranoia.

Messianism understands Zionism's Jewish people;
Messianic Jews are Judeo-Christian, and deeply,
incontrovertibly, Jewish. The
goodness and
of millions of Jewish people is now the
of our lifetime. Judeo-Christianity's
Israeli witnesses are made brilliant and shining in a
corrupt and dying world.

Peace Now or the Need for War?
The Occupation
Militarism & War
Nuclear Proliferation
Ezekiel 38 & 39
Peace / Disneyland & the Olympics in Israel  
The United Nations
The United States  
The European Union  
The Great Tribulation
Messianism & Missionaries
Settlement construction     
Gaza and the West Bank
Hamas & Hezbollah
The Rapture   
Resurrection Splendor  
Judaism or Christianity?
Conversion of the Jewish People?   
Islamic Jihad & Armageddon       
Jimmy Carter's empathy for Palestinians
Sinfulness v The Quality of Life
The New Jerusalem

All of these
topics will be discussed and argued in
the exchanges of words and formal statements by
Stephen, Elijah, and others that will follow . . .
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