Beloved Arab People
Isaiah 19:24,25
Palestinians Called-Out
to Honorable Israeli Citizenship
"All who hate me love death."
The harvest of people who will have turned to the
God of Israel, Messiah Emmanuel, the nations'
Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, will include a number
Arab personalities.

Bigotry, racism, and genocide have no place
in the Mind and Heart of global
Americanism and

If an Israeli exhibits a racist attitude with the
"Death to the Arabs"  the God of Israel
will correct this errant sinner in a time of personal
or national tribulation.

Solomon of Israel is a mind and heart who
knows and convicts corruption and sin in all of its
manifestations. The
shamefulness of Islamic jihad
is equalled by Israeli contempt for Messianic
Jewish anti-missionaries are not listening
to Dr. Jeffrey L. Seif,  Dr. Michael L. Brown,
and Dr. Mitch Glaser.

The two corrupt powers, Islamic
jihadists and
Israelis who blaspheme the Holy
Spirit of the Prophet Elijah, are at loggerheads,
rendering Middle East peace impossible.

The Almighty God of Judeo-Christianity Himself
judges corruption across the spectrum of
all people groups, with no respect to persons.

Impartiality is revealed in
Joshua 5:13-15  when the
Supreme Commander revealed to our Israeli
forefather, the warrior Joshua, that, in terms of
corruption, the Spirit is poured out on all with a
kindness or wrath that is directly attributable to
merit, or the lack thereof.

But Arab Muslims
now err in the worst way
when they fail to be subordinate to
the Davidic
authority of Solomon's
restored Jewish State of

The terrorism of
jihad will not be tolerated by the
apocalyptic powers of Israeli King Emmanuel,
with His empowered Zionist commanders.

But the corrupt sexual or financial
of Jewish people, as revealed in the books of
Sacred Scripture, will bring wrath upon Jewish
people who fail in their privileged calling to
the Prophet Elijah's Judeo-Christian

In the Jewish prophet
Isaiah we see the calling of
our forefather Abraham's blessed Arabs to an
association with the State of Israel.

The extreme corruption of
Islam's genocidal
will be purged from the blessed Jewish
State during the Great Tribulation. This, after
forty-two months of  
Outer-Court occupation
by cosmopolitan powers whose cesspool of
lukewarm immorality and murder is supervised by
the Man of Sin's lackeys, too many of whom will be
Arab Muslim accomplices.

The Remnant of
sanctified Israeli Zionists will be
guided, empowered, and ultimately controlled
by humankind's
King of kings, Messiah Emmanuel.
We know that many, many Arab people will
turn to
us for instruction and inspiration and refuge.