Millennial Civilization
VOLUME ONE 2012 / 5773
Scriptural Zionism
The Dynamics of Armageddon
Emmanuel, Creator and King of Israel, Our Father
Himself established, in Jerusalem, in the City of
David, the God of Israel's dynamic Plan for the
global family of
nations.  1.1.12.

Messianic Globalism is God's dynamic Israeli Plan
for the sanctification of people from
all nations.

Zionism's expectation is rooted in governance
by our Israeli
forefathers, revealed in King David's
Psalms and King Solomon's Proverbs. 1.3.12.

Emmanuel's Millennial Civilization:
A Community of the Nations with the Restoration
of a Kingdom; the restored Israeli kingdom of David
and Solomon is
the origin and destiny of
International Relations. 1.4.12.

Zionism reveals to us, by study of the
prophetic Word of God, the prerogatives of the
Messianic King;
the nations' Lord and Savior Jesus
Christ, His Israeli, Jewish identity. 1.5.12.  

The servants and friends of the State of Israel,
including many blessed, inspired
Arabs, will survive
the Great Tribulation and flourish. 1.6.12.

Nations that proactively, with violence, oppose
Israeli Zionism, will be
struck down by Messiah
, the King of the Nations. 1.7.12.

We will now begin the
Apocalyptic Era of Global
Tribulation. 1.8.12.

The King of kings is our Lord of lords, the nations'
Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ,
Messiah Emmanuel.

The Prophet Elijah is effecting the
Restoration of
Israeli Zionism, the sanctified Kingdom of David
Solomon, and the rewards of Millennial health,
wealth, and immortality. 1.10.12.

As a quiet, spiritual shepherd, Elijah is fulfilling
Scriptural Zionism's apocalyptic work. 1.11.12.

Elijah brings us now to the Appearance of Messiah,
the Return of Israeli King Emmanuel. 1.12.12.

But 'As in the Days of
Noah,' the enemies of Israeli
Zionism, the barbaric sinners who revel in Islamic
jihad's violence; and the consumptive hedonists who
wallow in the excesses of Western Civilization's
liberty and wealth, are soon to be fully
by God's
servants, in His Millennial Kingdom.

The Prophet Elijah’s Restoration
includes a
Proclamation of Peace
by Israeli King Emmanuel
from Zion, from Sea to Sea, from the Euphrates
River, to the ends of the earth, according to the
book of
Zechariah. 1.14.12.

Israeli King David reveals an apocalyptic view:
Psalm 110's tribulation and war, nations filled with
dead bodies,
desolations worldwide. 1.15.12.

But Messiah Emmanuel's Millennial reign proclaims
peace to all nations from Zion. 1.16.12.

Millennial Civilization features the Government of
Messiah Emmanuel, with deployment of raw power
made necessary by our enemies' offensive terrorism

The Remnant of God's People, survivors of the
Tribulation, those
resurrected unto Life, are
empowered on this blessed planet. 1.18.12.

We follow Zionism's leaders, whose
Cornerstone is
a son of David, Israeli King Emmanuel, the nations'
Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, a descendant from
our forefathers Israel and Judah, David and
Solomon. 1.19.12.

God's Plan will now be fulfilled for the Harvest of
sanctified peoples. 1.20.12.

The glory and the honor of the
nations will stream
into Israel: Governance and Peace, healing the
nations, after
apocalyptic war. 1.21.12.

Our Sovereign Lord Emmanuel: His
Plan, revealed
by Israeli
prophets, is not a conspiracy. 1.22.12.

Kings of Israel, descendants of our forefathers
Judah and David, beginning with King Solomon of
Zion, will forever rule God's People, the Church of
Firstborn. 1.23.12.

Kings of Israel, David and Solomon;
Jewish kings of Judah, Asa, Jehoshophat, Jotham,
Hezekiah, and Josiah; Zion's Messianic kings
will be resurrected, saints brought back to life in the
Restoration of the Kingdom of David, in the State of
Israel. 1.24.12.

Sons of Abraham and David, our Israeli forefathers,
forever anointed for the grace of territorial
sovereignty, empowered by the Holy Spirit, poured
out upon us by Emmanuel,
Zionism's King of kings,
and Lord of lords. 1.25.12.

borders will stretch from the Wadi of Egypt
to the Euphrates River. 1.26.12.

aerospace power is given to the Israeli
Defense Forces: A majestic act; God's protective
love, air superiority in the skies over Mount Zion.

Messiah Emmanuel's Spirit is Zionism's Omnipotent
Source of Empowerment. 1.28.12.

behavioral vices, ignorance and negligence
make us susceptible to Almighty God's judgment, to
abandonment, to infiltration, to invasion, and to
massacre. 1.29.12.

Scripture reveals thunder, lightning, hailstones,
arrows and sulfur destroying, from above, Ezekiel's

entities intending to destroy Israel. 1.30.12.

The leaders of the
Magog coalition, Islamic and
Russian insiders, they know that strategic and
apocalyptic defeat is inevitable. 1.31.12.

But the malevolent killing of susceptible Jews is
satisfaction enough. 2.1.12.

Ezekiel's Magog offensive necessitates deliverance
by Emmanuel. 2.2.12.

The Jewish prophets of Israel reveal that many
nations, enemies of Israeli Zionism, will launch
another massive invasion; Hezbollah's rockets and
missiles, into the Zionist State of Israel. 2.3.12.

In 1945, our Allied
bombers set precedents for the
apocalyptic Great Tribulation. 2.4.12.

Now, UAVs enable Americans and Israelis with the
Reaper's sickle. 2.5.12.

Zionism's prophets, Jeremiah and Isaiah, reveal
apocalyptic visions: The Source of
Jeremiah's Wine
reports that 'No One was with Me.' 2.6.12.

Too many nations
hate Western Civilization's
Americanism & Zionism. 2.7.12.

Prayer for one's enemies is good, but that prayer
can focus on the need to stop our enemies'
praying to positively end their suicidal
self-destruction, their sinful assault on God's People.

We should feel sorry for those who are under the
influence of harmful political and religious
deceptions; our empathetic
prayer for enemies is for
their education, their correction, their inspiration;
failing this, we pray that their defeat and elimination
are speedy and painless. 2.9.12.

Enemy entities who employ violence to assault our
beloved people, the state and the church, are
susceptible to combative prayers of
wrath. 2.10.12.

Esther's protective love avenged the intent to
annihilate the Jews, exotic weapons are deployed by
IDF - USA - NATO superstructure. 2.11.12.

aerospace power is commanded by the Lord
God Almighty, through Messiah Emmanuel, the Sun
of Righteousness from Zion. 2.12.12.

We are now (2012 AD) entering Zionism's
Messianic Era of
apocalyptic fulfillments: We will
eyewitness Regional War, False Peace, the Great
Tribulation, and Armageddon. 2.13.12.

Israeli airspace is violated already by the launch of
rockets and missiles stockpiled by the Iranian
Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in
Gaza. 2.14.12.

The ungodly launchers from Gaza and Lebanon will
victims of their own Jew-hating folly. 2.15.12.

The power of the
MQ-9 Reaper is given to us by
God Almighty; optimal aerospace lethality of God-
given counteroffensive military technology. 2.16.12.

Ignorant and raging terrorists want to murder the
people of Zion; but Judeo-Christian, Western
Civilization is
established forever. 2.17.12.

We defend and avenge a
God-given Plan, a social
order worthy of global emulation. 2.18.12.

We are Messiah Emmanuel's USA, with the State of
Israel, maligned by the
OIC as 'the Great Satan' and
'the Little Satan.' 2.19.12.

Joshua, David and Elijah exhibited violence in
obedience to God. 2.20.12.

UAVs and Global Strike Command protect
and empower Western Civilization. 2.21.12.

The Great Prince Michael's state-of-the-art
aerospace technology protects millions of citizens,
distinguished as God's People. 2.22.12.

The Prince of Peace
Emmanuel will command the
commanders of Allied airpower. 2.23.12.

Americanism and Zionism: The Mind and Heart of
Israeli King Emmanuel's Messianism; we are
protected from above, as
avengement befalls our
enemies. 2.24.12.

The armaments of Israel's
enemies, flowing through
Damascus, from Iran, into Gaza and Lebanon, are
an operational abomination. 2.25.12.

Proliferation will cause apocalyptic
desolations in
several OIC nations. 2.26.12.

Jew-hatred and anti-Americanism are given
presumed legitimacy; ideologues of false religion
lukewarm foreign diplomats oppose us. 2.27.12.

Islamic Jihad's terrorists will disarm or suffer the
consequences. 2.28.12.

Kings David, Emmanuel and Solomon have an
empowered identity, a
Zionist root and destiny, that
transcends their mere biography. 2.29.12.

The global Scepter of Judah is the King of king's
Israeli Scepter. 3.1.12.

This planet earth will be regenerated; optimal
restoration and
health renews us. 3.2.12.

Resurrection is now effected by our Creator's Life-
giving, Operational Spirit. 3.3.12.

Daniel's dust of the earth are peoples triaged:
Saints are
distinguished from the lukewarm and the
condemned. 3.4.12.

Messiah Emmanuel, Designer of the Everlasting
Davidic Covenant: Our Sovereign Lord, the King of
kings, is over
all the nations. 3.5.12.

Plan of God is an earthly reality: On Earth as it
is In Heaven; not to be mutated into imaginations,
into mere ethereal concepts. 3.6.12.

The political
State of Israel, and the survivable
nations, are permanently established. 3.7.12.

The Holy
Spirit of political progenitor David,
Incarnate Messiah
Emmanuel, and Israeli King
Solomon has embellished this beautiful spherical
garden, Earth, with high technology. 3.8.12.

Central to Scriptural
Zionism are Elijah’s
Restoration and lifestyle optimization. 3.9.12.

Millennial citizens are
guided by King Solomon's
wisdom. 3.10.12.

Primary is Messiah Emmanuel’s Millennial Agenda
Peace: Uniting lawful, surviving nations with the
Zionist State of Israel. 3.11.12.

The Transcendent, Incarnate Deity, the nations'
Jesus Christ, Israeli King Emmanuel, is our
Peacemaker. 3.12.12.   

Israeli empowerment is complemented by global
peace, by international well-being. 3.13.12.

The State of Israel, the UN, and the USA
Responsibility to ingather, to hear, and to protect all
nations is given to the spiritual, the legislative, and
the intelligence communities of these empowered
governing administratons, worldwide. 3.14.12.

Centralized, ubiquitous,
executive preeminence is
now established, and will be perennially renewed by
Zionism's Israeli King Emmanuel. 3.15.12.

Mankind is now given knowledge; we will attain to
global peace. 3.16.12.

Kings David, Emmanuel and Solomon are
descendants of Judah; Israeli, Jewish, Zionist,
Messianic leaders now
shepherd Mankind. 3.17.12.

The corporate delegation of
saintly authority is a
flow chart unseen; banal carnality sees only the
gross imperfections of secular politics. 3.18.12.

Israeli King Emmanuel's
prophets, kings, and
apostles guide and will control the nations. 3.19.12.

Millennial Civilization will include
millions of
sanctified citizens
: Patriarchs, matriarchs, prophets,
kings, queens, apostles and servants. 3.20.12.

Lawless rebellion will be
corrected by Judah's
Scepter, made Iron. 3.21.12.

Technology, Supreme Judgment, and the Wisdom
of Intelligent Love, the splendor of
, is the Obedience of the Nations.

Obedience to God-given Israeli
preeminence was
Joshua's key to enforceable regional peace. 3.23.12.

behaviors, felons, weapons proliferation, and
Jew-hatred make the herding of lawless peoples a
Iron Scepter strategy. 3.24.12.

Competitive nationalism is healed by
raw power and
the Rule of Law. 3.25.12.

Scepter of Judah and the Davidic Covenant are
One; the fulfillment of ancient and apocalyptic
covenantal prophecy. 3.26.12.

Zionism’s Theocratic Monarchy, Transcendence
and Incarnation shine quietly in
David's Jerusalem,
Solomon's splendor. 3.27.12.

Israeli Judaism is
foremost; now to be respected by
Christians who have presumed to replace Israel as
the so-called New Israel. 3.28.12.

Replacement Theology is now corrected by the
Jewish Messiah. 3.29.12.

Competing Muslims lay claim to sovereignty in
Jerusalem; these sinners are driven by
insubordinate envy and Jew-hatred. 3.30.12.

The Promised Land is given by the God of Israel to
Jewish People. 3.31.12.

Argument and diplomacy solve nothing; hatred
devolves into war. 4.1.12.

Plan of God, Our Father, is centered in Zion,
the City of David. 4.2.12.

Empowered Israelis are beleaguered by those in
error, bearing the burden of destiny. 4.3.12.

King Solomon's restoration spans the Land of the
entire Middle East. 4.4.12.

Theodore Herzl's Zionism is purely
foretold in our
Sacred Scripture. 4.5.12.

Moses & Joshua reveal in Deuteronomy the
given to Israel. 4.6.12.

Emmanuel's territorial, Biblical strategy is revealed
all the nations. 4.7.12.

This optimization of
God’s Plan is in an era of
Apocalyptic Messianism. 4.8.12.

Jew-haters and terrorists, driven by impenitent,
malevolent envy, oppose the
apocalyptic sword of  
the USA-IDF-NATO superstructure. 4.9.12.

enemies of Israeli Zionism will cause
carnage in the Great Tribulation.

The enemies of the State of Israel, the opponents of
Scriptural Zionism, the entities who hate the USA,
are the cause of
apocalyptic carnage. 4.11.12.

The secure, geopolitical domain of Solomon, King
of Israel, established through Emmanuel's Covenant
with King David; this is
Zionism's Messianic
renewal of the sacred Jewish Homeland. 4.12.12.

The Kingdom of Israel was firmly
established by
David and Solomon. 4.13.12.

Millions of Millennial tourists, made knowledgeable
and deeply inspired, will
stream to the Jewish
Homeland. 4.14.12.

Disneyland and the Olympics should
soon come to
the Land of Israel. 4.15.12.

The Land, the Scepter, the Covenants, the Israeli
Kings' dominion, all are a part of Zionism's
Millennial Civilization. 4.16.12.

Emmanuel's Mind and Heart has designed God's
Plan for this Land. 4.17.12.

Emmanuel is a loving, intelligent Israeli Messiah, a
son of Judah and
David. 4.18.12.

Israelis and Americans are
global security's peace-
loving peoples; we do not populate, at all, the
domain of warmongering and terrorism. 4.19.12.

Elam, Seba, Sheba, Tarshish, Midian, Ephah,
Nebaioth and Kedar are Arab peoples who will get
nothing but
love and respect from us when Islam
realizes that Israeli Sovereignty is from God Himself.

All righteous, sanctified sons of Noah and Abraham
fulfill great prophecies. 4.21.12.

Sanctified Arabs will have Millennial parity with the
Sons of Israel. 4.22.12.

But envy, Jew-hatred, and paranoid imaginations
induce terrorism's violence and suicides. 4.23.12.

Islamic corruption
vilifies and disempowers the
State of Israel. 4.24.12.

Empowered apocalyptic Angels protect and avenge
God's People proportionate to our
obedience to
Solomon's proverbial disciplines. 4.25.12.

Rockets and missiles are launched by jihad's Hamas
and Hezbollah, a power proportionate to the targets
made vulnerable by common
behavioral corruptions.

Consumption and negligence are
contrary to the
Wisdom of Solomon. 4.27.12.

Discipline and Fear of God,
sanctification in
Millennial Civilization, relate to God-given territorial
security. 4.28.12.

The Prophet Daniel's superseding
kingdom will have
secure borders. 4.29.12.

Ishmael's role is blessed, a role now rejected by
jihadists who presume to occupy the Sovereign
Jewish Homeland. 4.30.12.

Heirs of the Land Covenant are offspring of Israel's
Judah and Joseph and David. 5.1.12.

But Israel is
maligned as the Little Satan by the
enemies of Zionism. 5.2.12.

Ishmael's Millennial destiny is
with the descendants of Abraham and
Isaac. 5.3.12.

Islam's rejection of Israeli sovereignty is self-
destructive; a primary
cause of desolations. 5.4.12.

Ishmael's OIC nations will suffer overwhelming
defeat in the Great Tribulation; then many survivors
will defer to Zionism. 5.5.12.

prophetic border, to the River Euphrates,
has never been established; attributable to God's
judgment of behavioral corruption and sins. 5.6.12.

Many people
backslide into behaviors corrupt and
disempowering, conduct unbecoming the Chosen
People of Judeo-Christianity. 5.7.12.

Zionism's King of Righteousness, Emmanuel, exalts
righteous nation with civilizations' technology,
wealth, and inviolable borders. 5.8.12.

Destruction and
desolations are brought on by
internal corruptions and external politics gone bad.

As in the Days of Noah, civilizations are in
devolution, caused by consumptive
vice behaviors,
prayerlessness, urban crime, and political disunity.

The Prophet
Elijah's work is purely in sync with
three leading Messianic rabbis:
Dr. Mitch
Glaser, of Chosen People Ministries
Dr. Jeffrey L.
Seif, of The King's University
Dr. Michael L.
Brown of ICN Ministries

Raw power is wielded by a few whose financial
investments, in Israel, empower the beleaguered
Zionist State, under siege. 5.12.12.

But too many Israeli Jews are
backslidden, targets
of the wrath to come. 5.13.12.

Privileged Jewish people are now under apocalyptic
scrutiny. 5.14.12.

We are all imperceptibly '
micro-managed' and  
judged by the Holy Spirit. 5.15.12.

disobediences are gluttony, sexual
immorality, alcoholism, substance abuses, financial
greed, tobacco, theft, envy, mindless atheism,
conspiracy, rebellion and violent assault. 5.16.12.

Atheistic hedonists are the
mindless majority
prioritizing pleasure; compulsive, consumptive,
unhealthy, deathly, excessive pleasures. 5.17.12.

Emmanuel, Creator and King of Israel, has
established and restored the dynamic political
philosophy of
Zionism. 5.18.12.

Restoration of the Kingdoms of David and
Solomon in Jerusalem includes a
Proclamation of
Peace by Zion's King Emmanuel, a political
philosophy, that extends to all nations, to the ends
of the earth. 5.19.12.

We now proclaim, witnessing always and forever,
without hiding from modern Judaism's errant
detractors, that the nations' Lord and Savior Jesus
Christ is the
Emmanuel of Israel. 5.20.12.   

The Sacred, Singular Identity of Israeli King
Emmanuel has been confused due to extreme
factionalism caused by centuries of human conflict.

Messianism is perfected and
revealed as a Millennial
expectation now to be more clearly understood, as
Emmanuel returns to the State of Israel. 5.22.12.

Millennial Civilization features the
government of
Emmanuel, the Messiah of Israel. 5.23.12.

The Prophet Elijah is restoring, through Israeli
leaders and Messianic shepherds, the governmental
power of
David and Solomon, with the King of
king's Omnipotent Scepter of Power from Mount
Zion in Israel. 5.24.12.

Almighty God's
dynamic Plan is for all humanity.

Rejection of God's Plan and calling is revealed by
three primary forces:
Disobedience / Envy, felonies, behavioral vices
2) A World Without Zionism / Hatred of Israeli Jews
3) Opposition to Judeo-Christianity's Messianism

survivable nations, by the Spirit of the God of
Israel, Creator and Father of us all, will soon realize
fully that the empowerment of the State of Israel,
and the Kingdom of David restored, is not to be
feared or abused by the contrary political or
ecclesiastical entities of secular, world powers.

Our forefather Jacob was named
Israel by his
Creator and Father. 5.28.12.

The nation of Israel, and a group of nations, will
establish a global community that brings together a
societal product evolved over four to five
thousand years. 5.29.12.

This Plan is not a human plan. 5.30.12.

Those who oppose the State of Israel are
at war
with God Himself. 5.31.12.

forefather Job foresaw Messiah Emmanuel as
his Redeemer, a Person incarnated Who manifests,
to the eyes of the flesh, the attributes of God in
human form. 6.1.12.

A group of nations, with the nation of Israel, with
the Messianic Redeemer as their
Origin and Destiny,
will have been made perfect and compatible with a
Millennial agenda planned by the Spirit. 6.2.12.

The prophets of Israel are Jewish men who reveal
to all that our Messiah, the Emmanuel of Israel, will
physically dwell
in human form on this planet.

Christianity has erred in proclaiming that the
Kingdom of God is simply in Heaven and not on this
blessed planet. 6.4.12.

Atheism, Barbarism, and Hedonism of this  
corrupt and dying world will now be supplanted by
the Theology, the Humanitarianism, and the
Discipline of Millennial Civilization. 6.5.12.

From Atheism to Theology; from Barbarism to
Humanitarianism; from Hedonism to Discipline; the
operational power of the Spirit is establishing the
peoples who are revealed in
Daniel 7:27.

This is Messiah Emmanuel's actual fulfillment of the
Restoration of the Zionist Kingdom of David and
Solomon as revealed in
Acts 1:6-8.

The saints ascended to Heaven, and now they will
return to this earth. 6.8.12.

Not of This World is a confused attitude that denies
Civilization on this very planet. 6.9.12.

We are supposed to have contempt for sin and
corruption as contradistinguished from the
of a sinless, sanctified life; contempt for this world
is a
mistake. 6.10.12.

Messiah Emmanuel, our Lord Jesus Christ, referred
to the atheism, the barbarity, and the hedonism of
the occupying Roman Empire when he spoke of the
disobedient world under
judgment. 6.11.12.

It is on this very
planet that we will eyewitness the
fulfillment of Acts 1:6-8, the Restoration of the
Kingdom of Israel. 6.12.12.

Christianity's confused hatred of this world
complements and reinforces the corrupt efforts of
the Islamic
jihadists who hate the State of Israel and
Western Civilization. 6.13.12.

Americanism and Israeli Zionism are antithetical to
the characteristics of corrupt heathen governments,
Roman, or Ottoman, or Nazi. 6.14.12.

Zionism, made perfect, includes the
of political philosophy; a resurrected populace of
resurrected saints made immortal.

This Scepter of Judah Millennial Literary Project is
guided by the Spirit of the
Prophet Elijah, by the
nations' Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 6.16.12.

This project is presented to people who deserve to
be fully prepared for Messiah
Emmanuel's Return to
this blessed planet, restoring the Zionist Kingdom of
Israeli kings,
David and Solomon. 6.17.12.

Central to an understanding of
Scriptural Zionism
are Elijah’s Restoration and the optimization of
polities, our
quality of life. 6.18.12.

Foremost in the King of king's Millennial agenda is a
compatibility of surviving
nations, streaming into
the Zionist State of Israel. 6.19.12.

The sanctified
kings of Israel have a profound,
obsessive need to inspire the nations' receptive
people, to draw them to the Advent of Messiah
Emmanuel's Return to this planet. 6.20.12.

The Transcendent, Incarnate Deity, the Word of
God is in
descent from Heaven. 6.21.12.

Emmanuel gradually prepares the blessed peoples of
this planet for the
New Jerusalem. 6.22.12.

nations' international well-being will be
established and perpetuated in Emmanuel's
Millennial Civilization, complemented by the Israeli
King's empowerment in Zion. 6.23.12.

Mankind's Israeli King wields the Scepter of Judah,
effecting the
Obedience of the Nations. 6.24.12.

But this obedience is, heretofore, not forthcoming
due to the corruptions of peoples and nations whose
behaviors and mentality are birthed in societies who
learn the merit of
contempt for the Jewish people.

The United Nations organization gives anti-Zionism
a formal
platform for the refined presentation of a
crude disavowal. 6.26.12.

Majoritarian humanity, now attaining to seven billion
people, is not willing to become compatible with the
spiritual destiny of the saintly
minority, the Remnant
harvested by our Almighty God. 6.27.12.

The common man
disavows the special identity of
sanctified people, viewing Judaism and Christian
sanctification with contempt. 6.28.12.   

Israeli Zionism, the consecration of kings with the
King of kings, will now be incontrovertibly revealed
as purely of
Hebrew and Jewish origin. 6.29.12.

The Obedience of the Nations has its destiny from
Israeli roots; the Rule of Law, the
Iron Scepter, the
Scepter of Shiloh is global governance from Zion.

God's Plan is
not a conspiracy. 7.1.12.

The paranoid imagination of a global Jewish
conspiracy is simply a blasphemy against the
Sacred Scriptures of Almighty God's Holy Spirit.

Millennial Plan is revealed in Zionism's
Jewish and Christian Sacred Scripture, our Holy
Bible. 7.3.12.

Revelation includes the Hebrew roots, the spiritual
anointing of Israeli kings, the prophetic writings that
foretell this era of
apocalyptic events, the apostolic
baptism of the many people groups comprising
Christianity's Church, and now,
Messianic Judaism
driving the most informed and inspired followers of
the Emmanuel of Israel. 7.4.12.

Atheistic hedonism is the behavioral dynamic that
most separates the
sanctified chosen peoples from
those who choose lives of consumption and
disobedience, driven by envy and atheism. 7.5.12.

Pleasuremongering is badly complemented and
corrected by barbarism; Islamic jihad is a sword
empowered to access
disobedient, impenitent
sinners. 7.6.12.

The invasion of the King's dominion, the Land of
Israel, is a territory made vulnerable by those whose
behaviors are preponderantly sinful. 7.7.12.

Almighty God will
no longer tolerate the behavioral
abominations of compulsive lust and offensive
violence. 7.8.12.

Whether the Assyrians, the
Hezbollah of Islam, or
the Palestinians within Israel's topography, the
enemy will be allowed to kill Israeli people whose
Jewish identity is profaned by the gross excesses of
impenitent sinfulness. 7.9.12.

Illicit sexuality, substance abuses, and a lukewarm
disregard of religion has brought the corrective
wrath of the Prophet Elijah's God upon our Jewish
people. 7.10.12.

But Emmanuel's
Smiting Stone will bring down the
civilizations opposed to the preeminent domain of
Messiah's saintly citizens, harvested from all the
nations, returning to this blessed planet. 7.11.12.

China's Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Russia,
the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, and the
Non-Aligned Movement form blocs of nations who
do not adequately acknowledge the Israeli leadership
of nations, a destiny given by God Himself. 7.12.12.

Zion's kings, sons of David who have learned the
wisdom of Solomon, now empower the leaders of
Israeli Zionism. 7.13.12.

Davidic Zionism is acknowledgement of an
operational power revealed by our forefathers King
David and King Solomon of Israel. 7.14.12.

The Power of the Spirit had come upon David; he
founded his capital at
Mount Zion, Jerusalem,
calling this location the City of David. 7.15.12.

King Solomon followed his father David with the
building of Zionism's
first Jewish Temple. 7.16.12.

The Prophet Elijah is now bringing us to the
apocalyptic era foretold by the
Jewish prophets of
Israel. 7.17.12.  

In this era we are witnessing the restoration and
empowerment of
Zionism. 7.18.12.

The judges and counselors of Israel will know full
sanctification with the earthly accession of Israeli
Emmanuel. 7.19.12.

Messiah Emmanuel's Return to Israel begins a new
era for Zion, the restored
City of Righteousness, the
Center of Elijah's global Judeo-Christianity. 7.20.12.

The Redemption of Zion is for those whose
obedience to the Will of God includes the composite
behavioral quality of a sinless life. 7.21.12.

Till now, we are always reminded of our
our acute need of a Messiah who will take us to
Heaven as a pure reward for penitential living.

But now, as we enter Emmanuel's Millennial
Civilization, the earthly Millennial kingdom of David
and Solomon restored, we have a new covenantal
knowledge of
sanctification's behavioral sinlessness.

We worship and obey
the King, Whose Identity is
cause for humility and deference in the hearts of
spiritual kings David and Solomon. 7.24.12.

We are called to
sanctification from the many,
many factions of Judeo-Christianity. 7.25.12.

Judaism and the Church will now find, through the
Prophet Elijah, a common domain,
the congregation
of saints, brought together at Mount Zion, in the
blessed State of Israel. 7.26.12.

As in the Days of Noah, the behavioral dynamics of
all humanity are not in accord with the Millennial
agenda set forth for God's Chosen People. 7.27.12.

Humankind everywhere is infected with
that are under scrutiny and judgment. 7.28.12.

The Love of Almighty God is patronized by the
adherents of many religions, but actual
obedience to
the Will of God is a way of life that majoritarian
factions have rejected. 7.29.12.  

The Restoration and Redemption of an Everlasting
Israeli Kingdom is profaned by the sins of those
who are
driven by envy, lust, and violence.

The sanctification of those who will favorably
appear before God in Zion is evident in the quiet
absence of corrupt behaviors. 7.31.12.   

Islamic predictions of global Sharia Law parallel the
shameful false prophecies of
Hananiah, the Jewish
prophet who challenged the Prophet Jeremiah.

In the
7th Century A.D. Mohammed's cult of
personality set out to convert or kill the Jewish and
Christian peoples. 8.2.12.

Jewish and Christian minds and hearts are far
superior to the insanity of the
Islamic terrorist.

Islamic Jihad's terrorism epitomizes one of the
worst devolutions of humanity's corruptions. 8.4.12.

The barbarism of
Islamic terrorism adheres to a
book, the Koran, given to them by the false prophet
Mohammed. 8.5.12.

authors who best teach us to
understand Islamic jihad are Dr. Chuck Missler,
Brigitte Gabriel, Bat Ye'or, Pamela Geller and Robert
Spencer. 8.6.12.

In regional war, and the Great Tribulation, the
terrorists of jihad will meet the
wrath of the God of
Israel. 8.7.12.

But in a full evaluation of
humanity's endemic sins,
the lusts of Western societies equal or exceed in
corruption the barbarity of the Islamic terrorist.

The anger and wrath of Our Creator and Father
judgment on all impenitent sinners
millennia ago. 8.9.12.

But there is a Harvest, a Remnant, a
society that has a Love of Righteousness made
perfect by the Grace of the Holy Spirit. 8.10.12.

Emmanuel, the nations' Lord and Savior Jesus
Christ, will now return to restore a kingdom
established by the
sanctified kings of Israel. 8.11.12.

God's Plan, a scenario that appears as 'the End of
the World,' is depicted in many
Scriptural passages:
Genesis 6:6,7 / Matthew 24:37

Deuteronomy 33:17 / Revelation 19:13-16

Psalm 46:8,9 / Luke 21:26

Psalm 110:2-6 / Mark 13:19

Isaiah 24:1-6 / Revelation 9:14-16

Jeremiah 25:31-33 / Revelation 16:5-12

7) Zephaniah 3:6-8 / Revelation 22:15

This world, under judgment, is not going to end.

Emmanuel's Millennial Civilization will now be
established on this blessed planet by Messiah
himself, with apostles and prophets and kings, by
patriarchs and matriarchs, saintly people who
knowledgeably love the God of Israel, Our Creator
and Father. 8.14.12.

The power of kings to make war is a role now
given to our leaders who are
countermanding the so-
called holy war perpetrated by the jihadist entities.

Hot love and cold hate are internalized
brought to fruition by countermanding lethal threats
against those we love. 8.16.12.

Protection and defense are an immediate objective;
but an apocalyptic war strategy that reciprocates
the enemy's offensive jihadist strategy, a war of
annihilation, reveals the mind and heart of Israel's
powerful, victorious Davidic kings. 8.17.12.

As they would do to us, has to
be done to them.

We are all waiting now for the beginning of the end;
the long-awaited era of transition to the Restoration
of the Kingdom of David from this era of
with respect to
Emmanuel's Messianic Zionism.

The detonation of tactical
nuclear warheads in
apocalyptic war is a virtual inevitability. 8.20.12.

The Spirit of
Israeli kings, the love and wisdom of
counteroffensive violence driven by the Will of God
Himself,  is now restored to the Holy Land in the
modern State of Israel. 8.21.12.

Lukewarm diplomacy is a tool of political entities
whose hope includes A World Without Zionism.

Scepter of Judah is, for now, a Scepter of Iron
instrumental in the temporary necessity of Zionism's
pure defense and judicious avengement. 8.23.12.

The Lamb of God is revealed on
Mount Zion
because Revelation teaches us that Messianic
Zionism is purely the political product of Judeo-
Christianity. 8.24.12.

The Islamic attitude and hope for
genocidal war
against King Emmanuel's Jewish people is an
abomination in the eyes of God. 8.25.12.

Israeli King Emmanuel's
Proclamation of Peace is
the beginning of a Millennial era when the enemies
of the State of Israel will have met the operational
Spirit of Joshua, Caleb, Deborah, David, Elijah,
Michael and Emmanuel. 8.26.12.

This clash leads us to
Armageddon itself, the Battle
in Northern Israel revealed in the great prophecies
of Zionism's Jewish prophets. 8.27.12.

The empowerment of
Zion's kings is an Act of
God. 8.28.12.

The Great
Prince Michael is entirely contrary to the
satanic powers of Islamic jihad. 8.29.12.

The Great Prince Michael, the Prophet Elijah, and
Israeli King Emmanuel wield
Zionism's Scepter of
Iron made necessary by the military abomination of
Magog offensive. 8.30.12.

Emmanuel's Return to Jerusalem is an event
peculiar to the reality that our 4,000 year-old Judeo-
Christian religion has prepared this planet for an era
when the Kingdom of David and Solomon is to be
incontrovertibly established and
forever restored.

The malevolent envy and primitive culture of
Muslim jihadists who hate Zionism, those who
murder God's Israeli children, will undergo decisive
correction by
empowered leaders. 9.1.12.

nations worldwide will turn to the Emmanuel of
Israel with a new heart made broken and contrite by
the awesome power unleashed in this era of the
Great Tribulation, Armageddon, and Millennial
Civilization. 9.2.12.

Our Sacred Scripture reveals that Almighty God will
raise up a singular Messiah who enjoys the
empowered association of Zion's kings;
leaders who
administer civic order and worldwide philanthropy.

Throne of David is made optimal by the
accession of Emmanuel and the restoration of
Solomon, including the two-edged sword of the
Spirit not tolerating organized hatred for the Chosen
People of Judeo-Christianity. 9.4.12.

enemy's view of Zionism's destiny includes the
condemnation of Israeli kings and
prophets. 9.5.12.

Everlasting love and sanctification, flowing from the
Psalms and Proverbs of Israeli kings David and
Solomon, is rejected by ignorant,
envious entities
made political by modern organizations whose
purpose is to kill Jewish people. 9.6.12.

The unity of most OIC powers, who directly
parallel the Axis powers of 70 years ago, will now
be scattered and shattered. 9.7.12.

Almighty God's intentional empowerment of Israeli
kings is revealed in
Israeli Zionism, in Scriptural
Zionism. 9.8.12.

The USA is Islam's
Great Satan forever allied with
Israel, the Little Satan. 9.9.12.

We are objects of malicious envy,
targeted by the
traditional and contemporary enemies of Zionism.
Raw national power is revealed in the empowered
nation's religion, weapons, and wealth.

Religion: A flourishing Judeo-Christian spirituality

Weapons: Forward-based, lethal, state-of-the-art

Wealth: Commodity reserves, billionaires,
philanthropy 9.11.12.

Religion, weapons, and wealth are optimally given
by Our Creator and Father, the God of Israel, to the
United States of America and the State of Israel, for
the empowerment and well-being of Emmanuel's
Judeo-Christian Millennial Civilization. 9.12.12.

Raw secular power, controlling and eliminating
lawless entities worldwide, has been virtually
monopolized by the United States of America.

Targeting of
USA assets by those opposed to Israeli
leadership, and behavioral
corruptions common to
almost every society, will end in the abomination of
desolations. 9.14.12.

USA is the only nation given a full optimization
of religion, weapons, and wealth. 9.15.12.

competitive national entities, like China, lack
spirituality and optimal technologies. 9.16.12.

Control is given to an empowered
Prince;  Michael
wields a protective scepter with state-of-the-art
global oversight and supervision. 9.17.12.

The fruition of empowerment is intended to extend
to all nations, to the ends of the earth. 9.18.12.

Philanthropy is a solemn priority in the enlightened
mind and compassionate heart of Israeli people and
Zion's kings. 9.19.12.

saints actually care about the well-being of all
God's people, His Remnant harvested from all
nations. 9.20.12.

As in the Days of Noah, Almighty God will
now selectively destroy whole populations of

, impenitent sinners. 9.21.12.

We will eyewitness three phases fulfilling whole
chapters of Sacred Scripture:   

Regional War:
In the Middle East, the fulfillment of
Ezekiel 38

Deceptive False Peace:
A post-war UN scenario enforceable by Treaty Law

Desolations & Armageddon:
The trampling of cities and the final battle

Righteousness Exalts a Nation, and three powerful
dynamics animate the composite domains of
righteous Millennial societies:   

Spirit of God
The Spirit requires Fear of God and Love of Virtue

State-of-the-art omniscience and omnipotence

The Rule of Law
Extension of the Zionist Scepter, worldwide.  

Israeli leadership, the restoration of Zion's kings,
yearns to incorporate
all nations into Messiah's
post-tribulation Millennial order. 9.24.12.

Emmanuel's Millennial Civilization will forever
protect and enrich the
nations who turn to the God
of Israel. So be it. AMEN. 9.25.12.

The nations of our world, in this year 2012, suffer
deeply from spiritual and political
blindness. 9.26.12.

Israeli domain, bestowing the brilliance and
splendor of Solomon's wisdom, in restoration and
optimization, is entirely denied, not seen at all,
laughed at, or viewed as the fantasy of the Zionist
conspirator. 9.27.12.

We are not conspirators. We are the fulfillment of
Scripture in profound subordination to the Spirit, to
the authority of the Prophet Elijah. 9.28.12.

Most nations in the
General Assembly help to
promote a dull, paranoid attitude, emphasizing the
preeminent prerogatives of national, majoritarian
resolutions. 9.29.12.

Resolutions are often a prolific cover-up of banal
anti-Jewish beliefs, conspiracy theories, and
paranoid attitudes driven by ignorance and envy.

But the
destiny of the USA and Israel does include
God's Plan for the well-being of a global community
of nation-states. 10.1.12.

State of Israel, and the Kingdom of David
restored, is not to be abused by Islamic jihad or any
other ignorant, malevolent, unclean, envious political
entity. 10.2.12.

The nations' interaction with God's People grafts
survivable nations into the domain of the
Prophet Elijah's Restoration, establishing
Emmanuel's Millennial Civilization, the society of
David and Solomon, restored. 10.3.12.

God's Plan for the nations will be recognized when
the best members of the UN are intelligently
transformed by an infusion of

Almighty God's Spirit now provides a higher
education for all governmental leaders, worldwide,
by means of Messianic Jewish ministries. 10.5.12.   

The love of goodness and righteousness is at the
core of the Spirit of
Israel's kings. 10.6.12.

Descendants of Israel and Judah,
sons of David,
Zionism's empowered kings, live quality lives guided
by the wisdom of
Solomon. 10.7.12.

The Scepter of Judah Millennial Literary Project
presents a
global model for Millennial governance
that transforms the UN from a Tower of Babel into
an empowered gathering of all nations. 10.8.12.

Descendants of Israel, Judah, and David are
empowered to quietly assume the royal Scepter
from Zion that extends to, shepherds, and guides all
nations, worldwide. 10.9.12

An effectual
United Nations Security Council should
have seven permanent members, listed as follows:
1) The State of Israel
2) The European Union
3) The United Kingdom of Great Britain
4) The Russian Federation
5) The United States of America
6) The People's Republic of China
7) The Union of South American Nations    

The Scepter of Judah model for global government
and peace includes governance by an incorporation
of Seven Unions:
1) The Middle Eastern Union / Israel, Arab League,
2) The European Union (EU)
3) The Commonwealth of Nations (select nations)
4) The Union of Russian States / Soviet Union; the
Slavic bloc
5) The North American Union (NAU)
6) The Asian Union (centered in China)
7) The Union of South American Nations (USAN)

The United Nations' disunity and inefficacy can be
healed by a
recognition  of the head of the nations;
by a quiet, spiritual deference. 10.12.12.

Israeli kings David, Solomon, and
Emmanuel are leaders given to the world  to
administer the governance of a true and lasting
world peace. 10.13.12.

Everlasting Life is given by the Source of Love and
Wisdom and Health, saving a dying world. 10.14.12.

The Return to this planet of Emmanuel includes
personalities whose aggregation of age and
knowledge and conscience are driven by love and
vengeance to restore and defend the State of Israel.

Israeli Zionism includes an impatient need to utterly
destroy those who want to destroy us, to establish
Israel's Biblical borders from Egypt to the Euphrates
River. 10.16.12.

Empowerment of Zion's kings can be better
appreciated with a view to the long-awaited
fulfillment of
Acts 1:6-8. 10.17.12.

The beauty and empowerment of
Zionism will reach
apocalyptic fruition made conspicuous also by the
construction and establishment of the Third Temple
in Zion. 10.18.12.

This Restoration, the renewed empowerment of
Israeli kings, in sync with the Holy Spirit, is
effected by the spiritual presence of the immortal
Prophet Elijah and Israel's everlasting kings David
and Solomon. 10.19.12.

Immortality? God's Plan features a physical
resurrection with immortality. 10.20.12.

A few of us, who follow the Prophet Elijah, know
that disbelief in immortality engenders blindness and
a lukewarm complacency, with vice behaviors and
felony crimes.
Imaginations of simply going to heaven
Vice Behaviors:
Hedonistic consumption, behavioral misconduct
Lawless rejection of civic authority, and war

A World Without Zionism, and opposition to
Americanism, calls for the final, strategic scenario
of Armageddon. 10.22.12.

Pent-up love for all that is actually of God includes
a king's rational hatred for all disobedient
corruption and lawlessness. 10.23.12.

We will now eyewitness the King's Declaration of
War, a war called the
Great Tribulation in Sacred
Scripture. 10.24.12.

Israeli King Emmanuel will now strike down and
trample the nations' violence and debauchery.

Theocratic Zionism reveals the restoration of Israeli
kings David and Solomon, with optimized roles in
the era of
global governance. 10.26.12.

Our Holy Bible reveals at least seven sanctified

Jewish kings
of Judah: David, Solomon, Asa,
Jehoshaphat, Jotham, Hezekiah, and Josiah, whose
lives were
pleasing to the God of Israel; whose
resurrection into Emmanuel's earthly, Millennial
kingdom includes proactive roles instrumental in the
era of Zionism's global fruition. 10.27.12.

For a few short years, kings of Israel David and
Solomon were given the privilege of establishing  
precedents worthy of  biblical study, restoration,
Millennial advancement and
kingdom optimization.

Sons of God, revealed as kings, who serve the King
of kings, have three behavioral qualities. 10.29.12.

The three embedded
behavioral qualities of a
sanctified, anointed ruler are martyrdom, theology,
and vicariousness.10.30.12.

To have all three of these personality qualities is
uncommon relative to majoritarian humanity:

Voluntary self-sacrifice on behalf of the people . . .

Sanctification of Zionism's Political Philosophy . . .

Love that suffers or rejoices internally with, on
behalf of, others . . .    

Zionism's kings will be understood for their
fearlessness in war and proactive government; their
continuous consciousness of God, with fear of God
and prayerfulness; and their philanthropic proactive
love alleviating suffering, healing the nations. 11.1.12

Zionism’s Theocratic Monarchy, the Incarnation of
Emmanuel's Sovereign Transcendence, will shine
forth in David's Jerusalem, with Solomon's splendor.

Fear of God, the wisdom of proactive virtue, and an
Iron Scepter preemptively disarming an enemy's
rearmament and mobilization, are responsibilities of
those who enforce the Will of God on Earth as it is
in Heaven. 11.3.12.

In the Post-Tribulation Era, the sanctified,
empowered leaders of Western Civilization will
guide and, when necessary, control the nations.

The personality and hope of
warriors, our Israeli
forebearers Joshua, Caleb, Deborah, Gideon, and
David has found ultimate fruition in the majesty and
splendor of
Israeli airpower. 11.5.12.

If the enemies of Israel knew of the magnitude of

aerospace power
given to the State of Israel and the
United States, they would not bring such a
judgment and apocalyptic fate upon themselves.

But it is the nature of
fallen, evil spirits to be
suicidal, to yearn for, and even glamorize self-
destruction if they can take innocent people down
with them. 11.7.12.

aerospace power, by the opening of the Sixth
Seal, as Lightning from the East, the disobedient
nations will now be
struck down; hundreds of
millions of people will be destroyed. 11.8.12.

But apocalyptic desolations include the rabble of
Western societies exposed as
disobedient, corrupt
and backslidden; the collateral traumas that will
bring us to Armageddon. 11.9.12.

We are never supposed to predict times for
prophetic fulfillment; the
fate of Hananiah the
prophet who blundered, could be our own.

But our expectations, anticipations by which we
determine our own preparedness, can be presented
as the basis for certain actions performed, planning
our lives in God . . . 11.11.12.

A few of us are expecting and preparing for the
sudden, graphic fulfillment of whole chapters of
apocalyptic Scripture. 11.12.12.

The Prophet Elijah commanded Fire from the God
of Israel from heaven. 11.13.12.

Israeli King Emmanuel now
commands UAV fire
from the skies,
a consuming fire, eliminating many
of the enemies of Americanism and Zionism.

This fire comes from the same Source, a source
entirely embedded with all that is of God, in the
IDF-USA-NATO superstructure. 11.15.12.

The proliferation of
weapons by Russia and China
to the
OIC nations has helped to split the world
apart into two great encampments. 11.16.12.

But the awesome, apocalyptic power of Almighty
God is with Daniel's fourth beast, the USA &
European Union's NATO superstructure. 11.17.12.

This Allied power is consistent with
pronounced millennia ago. 11.18.12.

Revelation's prophecies were preceded by the
prophets' scenarios of worldwide trauma. 11.19.12.

As in the Days of Noah, most human beings are
judgment. 11.20.12.

'On Earth as It is in Heaven' reveals a quiet,
graceful, unseen Theocratic
Power now set in
motion, especially for the beginning of Emmanuel's
Millennial Civilization. 11.21.12.

This perception, if seen at all, is mostly met with
incredulity and cynicism by the citizens of a dying
world order. 11.22.12.

The enemies of Israel will launch aerial offensives
hoping for a World Without Zionism, an end to the
hegemony of the United States of America, and a
subsequent international community dominated by
nations who have always voted against the
advancement of Israeli
Zionism. 11.23.12.

Americanism and Zionism are the foundational
dynamics of global federalism and a sanctified
political philosophy, counsel and governance from
Zion. 11.24.12.

Allahu Akhbar! God, indeed, is great, but He is with
all of us, servants of the
Emmanu El of Israel.

The Zionist Commander of Israel's aerospace
power will strike down OIC nations who choose to
mobilize against God's People. 11.26.12.

The book of
Job reveals thunder as the voice of our
Almighty God. 11.27.12.

People have always looked up
into the skies when
the appearance of lightning, with the sound of
thunder, reverberates in the human soul, reminding
man the animal that there is a Presence above him.

This Presence is a Timeless, Uncreated, Omniscient
Omnipotence watching over the experience of the
immoral and frail human race. 11.29.12.

God maintains the momentum of history set in
motion by a Design that gives irrational human
animals the opportunity for
sanctification, to
become rational, immortal Children of God.

We tend to be startled and intimidated to see and
hear a Power unleashed in the chaotic display of
energy, thunder and lightning, from the sky.

But Our Creator and Father has made certain to link
this impersonal display of Aerial Presence with
human beings who become receptacles of the
sanctifying Spirit that lives and moves in all creation.

Receptivity is preceded by a mind and heart that has
made behavioral choices commanded by the Spirit,
guiding our consciences to proverbial discipline,
civilized productivity, and a mode of ethics made
perfect by age and maturation. 12.3.12.

In the skies, to the skies, and from the skies we
have witnessed the magnificence of Theocratic
Presence; but fleshly dullness is unappreciative of
the Revelation given by a Divine Benevolence that
leads us to a spiritual mode of ascent. 12.4.12.

In the biography of
Sophie Scholl, in the motion
picture, Sophie repeatedly looks up into the Light,
praying to her God and Father, just before her
decapitation by the Nazis in February 1943. 12.5.12.

The yearning to see and ascend to a Higher
Presence is never experienced by homosapien
animals who are immersed in passionate
consumption, gratifying the needs of egocentricity.

Thunder and lightning, with arrows and hailstones,
the Power of the God of Israel has been prepared
for events that exceed every precedent. 12.7.12.

Personalities, whose hot love of goodness and
righteousness is equaled only by their cold hatred of
corruption and sin, are given authority over
aerospace systems that will utterly destroy the
enemies of Western Civilization. 12.8.12.

In 2012, with every successful
UAV strike, we are
already witnessing Islamic terrorism in its death
throes. 12.9.12.

With every successful
UAV strike, eliminating
another leader of terrorist operations, impenitent
malevolence worsens in condemned jihadists who
profess to "love death." 12.10.12.

The mobilization of
Magog states, led by Iran and
Hezbollah, readies, activates and animates NATO's
omnipotent aerospace power. 12.11.12.

All NATO nations, who are preponderantly non-
Islamic, are made sick-to-death by the infiltration
and presence of the unclean, malicious,
entity. 12.12.12

The IDF-USA-NATO superstructure protects and,
when necessary, preempts and avenges the violence
of offensive enemy entities by an airpower that
launches from platforms on land, from the sea, and
in the air. 12.13.12.

Optimization of Western Civilization's aerospace
weapons is revealed in the aircraft and missiles
deployed primarily in four platforms: 12.14.12.
The quiet presence of nuclear submarines

The gracefulness of naval aircraft carriers

The omnipotence of the B-2 Spirit

The UAV Reaper's precision firepower

Jeremiah's Wine reveals that the nations will
undergo an era when the common corruptions of
impenitent human behavior are struck down by
Israeli King Emmanuel, Our Lord and Messiah.

This striking down, this
Storm of the Lord, is
aerospace power made operational during the
Tribulation, followed by the era of Messiah's
Peace, the governance of all surviving
nations. 12.16.12.

God's People will be quiet, calm, and confident by
knowledge and prayerfulness, by good works and
maturity's perfected behaviors. AMEN. 12.17.12.

Aerial bombing in World War II targeted cities of
enemy powers; the Third Reich and Imperial Japan
caused the violence of war in a dying world.

Now, after regional war, and three to four years of
deceptive ungodly peace, we will eyewitness the
destructive energy of powers clashing in a final
display of hatred and love. 12.19.12.

Their disobedience and
hatred, versus our
obedience and love, is the dynamic leading us to
Tribulation and Armageddon. 12.20.12.

We are livng in a unique historical time when the
most informed and righteous Judeo-Christian
personalities will experience an intense spiritual,
intellectual, political exhiliration. 12.21.12.

This joy is caused by our knowledge that we are  
citizens of Emmanuel's Millennial Civilization.

We are already victorious having
overcome all
compulsive behaviors, sanctified by an indwelling of
God's Spirit. 12.23.12.

We are prepared politically for
His Government and
Peace, the era of global peace that will follow
desolations. 12.24.12.

apocalyptic destruction will be caused by
our enemies' hatred for non-Islamic civilization.

Their hatred is exceeded by our love. 12.26.12.

Their weapons are exceeded by our firepower.

Their false prophesying is exceeded by our
Scriptural knowledge of Judeo-
Christian Zionism. 12.28.12.

The ignorant jibberish of their Koran (Quran) is
exceeded by the wisdom of our Holy Bible.

Their primitive Sharia Law is exceeded by the
judicious sophistication of Western Civilization's
Judeo-Christian jurisprudence. 12.30.12.

Their Islamic jihad will be defeated and made
powerless by Almighty God's
Iron Scepter.


Additional Statements below (with a view to
Volume Two of this Project to be published in
2013) . . .

We will now eyewitness the fulfillment of events
from fourteen Biblical chapters;
chapters six to nineteen, will soon be taught as
sacred history.

From the opening of the Seven Seals to the
Appearance of the King of kings, our global
community of nations is about to undergo the Great

Impenitent sinners are judged by Almighty God's  
Operational Spirit.

The pandemic behavior called abortion, the
termination of pregnancies, is one more
manifestation of the shroud of death; Almighty
God's Operational Sword of the Spirit is allowing
the mitigation of the population explosion.

The pandemic plague called AIDS is one more
manifestation of the shroud of death; Almighty
God's Operational Sword of the Spirit is allowing  
humankind's extreme corruption in the domain of  
sexually-transmitted diseases.
firestorms that destroyed so many German and
Japanese cities in World War II by
B-17s and
B-29s  are no deterrent for the mindless jihadists
maliciously threatening Israel and all Western

A viral hatred of goodness and righteousness, the
root of which is a raging envy driven by ignorance,
motivates the most hostile jihadists of the

Power from above is the
sanctification of the Spirit
of Power; our Avenger, our Healer, our Shepherd,
Redeemer and Savior.

Operational Power from Above is found in policies
that parallel
Queen Esther's edict effected by a king.

power from Above is found in the
threshing of nations, the winepress of God's wrath.

Operational Power from Above is found in the
targeted killing of impenitent terrorists.

The Spirit of allied American-Israeli aerospace
omnipresence provides
worldwide protection and
security for a global topography made more and
more tiny by the advances of technology.

Naval airpower in the
Mediterranean, the Persian
Gulf, and the Indian Ocean has surrounded all the
hostile nations of the Middle East.

MQ-1 Predators and
MQ-9 Reapers are eliminating
the worst of jihad's leaders at this time.

Our Creator and Father, the Ancient of Days, sits in
judgment on the age-old sins of condemned
humanity, the perennial envy and hatred, and the
abomination of ignorant violence.  

Jeremiah's Wine will now be a phase in our history
when all the pent-up energies of extreme
malevolence are violently struck down by the
energies of extreme love.

Zionism and Judeo-Christianity's
Americanism, as one Theocratic Power Under God,
forever wield the protective and avenging Sword of
the Spirit.

A few
penitential Muslims, redeemed by the process
of education, raw power, and the prayerful, loving
efforts of apostles and prophets,
will be turned to
the God of Israel.

A few
penitential Muslims will renounce Islam and
become Judeo-Christian sons and daughters of their
Hebrew forefather Abraham.

How could the personality of our forefather Joseph
include Moses'
revelation that Joseph's descendants
will gore the nations to the ends of the earth?

Joseph's grandchildren include our forefather
Joshua, a quintessential warrior and leader of God's
Israeli peoples.

exterminated the enemies of Israel, leaving
no survivors in battles made decisive by the
unlimited power of God's Almighty Spirit.

In contemporary history, General Ariel Sharon's
behaviors, in the wars that restored the State of
Israel, best exemplify an emulation of the combative
Spirit of our forefather Joshua.

In today's world, all of our Israeli forebearers are  
now to be
resurrected; we are alive to perform roles
in the era of Armageddon.

Following Israeli King Emmanuel, the warriors of
Israel are
warlords who will do to our enemies as
our enemies would do to us.

Raw power, the power of true religion, with
unlimited firepower, and God-given wealth, is most
evident in the proliferation of high technology's
global aerospace power.

The Spirit of
Joseph and Joshua includes the
extremes of love and hatred.

Hot love for God's people necessitates cold hate for
those who are proactively corrupt.

Our dignity is in profound contradistinction to the
offspring of
jihad's possessed entities.

Almighty God's
aerospace thunder is ours, a power
from the skies that is poised to collapse whole cities
of nations that want to destroy the Jewish people.

The heaping of the dead in Psalm 110, the trampling
of nations in the book of
Isaiah, the slain foretold in
Wine, and the cities collapsed in the
Apocalypse, are all one prophecy.

The murder of innocents by Satan's possessed
jihadist entities drives the deployment of intense love
revealed in a full Israeli counteroffensive; an
unleashed, apocalyptic deployment of overwhelming

Besides thunder, lightning, and arrows, Biblical
Scripture reveals that
large hailstones will befall
populations who are under apocalyptic judgments
pronounced by Almighty God.

Sensor-fuzed weapons are capable of stopping all
armored vehicles, rendering obsolete the use of
Russian-made tanks from Syria.

In the great scenario at
Megiddo, in the Northern
Israeli valley near the 32nd parallel, the sensor-fuzed
weapon, this one system, can utterly stop any
enemy armored advance intending to overrun the
Zionist State of Israel.

The Spirit of Caleb, Deborah, Gideon, David, Elijah,
Emmanuel, and Michael favors the deployment of
an aerospace power that gores enemy nations who
have allied with the offensive Iranian entity that,
1979, has ignorantly condemned the blessed
descendants of Zionism's Israel.

Almighty God has empowered NATO, led by the
American, European and Israeli administrators of
security and war.

The confidence of those at war with the God of
Israel, declaring their intent for A World Without
Zionism, will soon be shattered by
Davidic wrath
proceeding from the Scepter of Judah.

All intelligent people, who love goodness,

But in 2012 AD, the coming regional war is
perpetrated by Redhorsemen whose large sword is
foremost, revealed in Russia's support for the
mobilization of Magog's entities intending to destroy

The powers of Satan's darkness are challenging the
Power of Messianic Light made operational in war
with the destructive omnipotence of the Prophet
Elijah's fire from the skies.

Israeli King Emmanuel commands the Spirit's Fire;
Messiah has come to
send fire upon an earth
populated by too many corrupt and sinful peoples.

Israeli Zionism is authored and established by the
genius, nobility, courage, and destiny of those who
fulfill apocalyptic roles to rescue survivors and
establish Emmanuel's Millennial Civilization.

The God of Israel, the Messiah Emmanuel
empowering Judeo-Christian Western Civilization,
has given us aerospace systems and precedents for
the defense of the USA-IDF-NATO superstructure:  
Biblical passages)

Air Force Command and Control Integration Center

Air Combat Command

Israeli Air Force  

B-2 Spirit strategic bomber  

GBU-57 Massive Ordnance Penetrator

Submarines with UGM-133 Trident II missiles

Aegis Combat System / Tomahawk Missile

X-47A Pegasus / X-47B

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Unmanned Combat Air Vehicles

USAF Hunter-Killer / MQ-9 Reaper

Israeli Elbit Hermes 900 / Palmachim Airbase

F-35 Lightning II tactical fighter

F-16 Fighting Falcon

F-15 Eagle

F-22 Raptor

F/A-18 Hornet

Guided bomb / Precision-guided Munitions

AH-64 Apache

AGM-114 Hellfire

Directed Energy Weapons

1945 Germany and Japan

1967 Operation Focus

1986 & 2011 Libya

1994 Bosnian War / NATO

2001 Afghanistan

2003 Iraq / Special Activities Division

2011 UAV strikes eliminating jihad's terrorists

Threats to Western Civilization have necessitated
profound increases in allied aerospace power.

The thrust of the global, proletariat revolution, in the
era of Soviet Marxist-Leninism, came to an end in
the 1990's; Islamic jihad will suffer a similar fate
during the Great Tribulation.

The days of the Islamic threat to Almighty God's
beloved State of Israel are, indeed, numbered.

The enemy intends to launch against Israeli,
American and NATO targets.

Islamic organizational entities, and documentation of
launches into Israel since 2001, are as follows:

List of Palestinian Rocket Attacks on Israel

Palestine Liberation Organization

Yom Kippur War 1973

Hezbollah Armed Strength

Hamas / Rocket Attacks on Eilat and Aqaba

Air Force of the Army of the Guardians of the
Islamic Revolution

Iran's Shahab-3 missiles

Iran's Fajr-3 missiles

Great Prophet III

The PLO (PA) does not believe Israel has a right to
exist; they believe Israel is null and void.

But jihad's taqqiya may intermittently command a
deceptive, insincere recognition of Israel.

Malevolent envy is the source and causation for the
Middle East wars; any honest Palestinian jihadist
believes in, and hopes for, the
genocide of the
Jewish people.

The perennial hostility of Ishmael is made optimal
by Palestinian entities vowing to destroy Israeli

The Ayatolah of Iran, in 2012 AD, just reaffirmed
Iran's belief that the Jewish people, the Zionist State
of Israel, deserve a strategy of genocide, the
extermination of all Jewish people.

The Spirit of the Government of Emmanuel will
eliminate the mobilization of Islam's unholy warriors.

Commanding fire from the skies, Emmanuel's
power, from Zion, controls this era of Tribulation
and Armageddon.

Armageddon is misconstrued by too many secular
people who do not know of the revelation of the
final battle in Northern Israel.

Foretypical battles that historically prepare us for a
clear anticipatory view of Armageddon can be
found in the strategic cauldron of the Battle for
Stalingrad, the Battle for Kursk, the Invasion of
Normandy, and the strategic bombings of Hamburg,
Dresden, Leipzig, Berlin,
Hiroshima, and Nagasaki.

Writings such as these will be laughed at by fools
who are misled by a cosmopolitan leader, a lovely,
brilliant, deceptive 'philanthropist,' who encourages
corrupt behaviors that keep mindless sinners happy.

Israeli personalities Joshua, Caleb, Deborah, Gideon,
David, Elijah, and the Great Prince Michael deserve
special attention for those who need to understand
the empowered, operational deployment of military
power that countermands offensive behavioral

Sinners in the disobediences of
envy too often hate
the few saintly leaders of Messianic Civilization.

God's minoritarian servants prayerfully administered
the Will of God in the midst of disobedient sinners;
too often they had to resort to punitive methods to

discipline and eliminate
those whose behaviors
devolved into abomination.

The personalities of those who will populate the
inner circle, the closest associates of the Man of
Sin, will be exposed as socially pleasant but
spiritually deceptive.

Pleasant, kind, hypnotic, permissive, ultra-liberal
false shepherds, who deceptively make profound
pronouncements in support of patriotic ethics, will
make too many people unready for the reality that
the wrath of God has, again, brought the Days of
Noah upon us.

Urban cesspools will devolve and decay; cocaine,
opium, wine, liquor, prostitution, pornography,
human-trafficking, adultery, homosexuality,
pedophilia, home invasion robberies, extortion,
weapons distribution, rape and murder will  
intensify; looting, rape and murder out of control.

In three to four years of 'Outer Court' occupation,
urban behavioral degradation will attain to utter

We should watch for reports of human trafficking
that processes young girls as hotel maids and
escorts, and young boys as assistants; trafficking
especially from Central and South America, and

Nations, subordinated to illegitimate mandates
commanding a temporary false peace, are too often
populated by those who do not listen to advisements
that guide us contrary to behavioral corruption.

Apocalyptic deception is attractive to those who
crave consumptive, lukewarm lifestyles engendering
blindness and apathy.

Grossly, tragically reminiscent of the destruction
that befell the cities of the Third Reich and Imperial
Japan, apocalyptic power will destroy hundreds of
millions of people, a third of mankind.

Daniel's Seventieth Week, when
desolations have
been decreed, will be quietly revealed by Messianic

Because of diplomatic deception, the lukewarm
passivity of the beginning of the Daniel's Seventieth
Week will not be easily recognizable.

The passive phase of UN treaty diplomacy, and the
cosmopolitan occupation of the 'Outer Court' are
directed imperceptibly by the counterfeit messiah.

A countdown given to God's People, the 2300 days
within the Tribulation era, will be a revelation in
Jerusalem disavowed by the mindless sinners of the
Outer Court.

But aerospace power,
Global Strike Command,
includes the USA's empowered global reach,
worldwide, made omniscient, omnipresent, and
omnipotent by the Spirit of the Almighty God of
Israel, to the ends of the earth.

The power of the palehorsemen's Evil Prince is
corrupt; his operational power is terminable, limited
one-quarter of the planet.

globalism is purely Scriptural.

The Prince of
Tyre is a world ruler in his own
narcissistic mind; in reality he is an ill-fated usurper.

The false messiah, the so-called Antichrist, will be
positively identified by Judeo-Christianity's Israeli

Emmanuel's prophets are targeted for assassination;
our martyrdom is a foregone anticipation, a
fulfillment of Scripture not to be countermanded by
those who are weak.

This empowerment is attributable to the love of the
God of
Israel for His restored nation, revealed as
the renewal of the sacred kingdom of
David and

Israeli insiders will rally in Emmanuel's Millennial
Civilization; Americanism and Zionism cause
enthusiasm and guidance.

Western Civilization's
aerospace power ranges
globally from the USA's Andersen Airbase on
Guam, to Israel's Ramat David Airbase, to
Germany's Ramstein Airbase, to England's
Lakenheath Airbase, to Langley Air Force Base in
Virginia to Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri, to
Hickam Air Force Base in Hawaii.

Western Civilization's global forward-based systems
are now the protective deterrent and global attack
force containing any possible challenge from hostile
nationalistic or terrorist entities.

Air Supremacy has been positively given by the God
of Israel to the allied nations of the USA-IDF-
NATO superstructure.

The strategic
containment of military power, threats
from China, from Russia, and from the Islamic
states of Iran, Pakistan and Syria, is a joint effort of
the US Air Force with US Naval Airpower.

Israeli Americanism is apocalyptic, a Judeo-
Christian spiritual alliance made composite and

The omnipotence of Messiah Emmanuel's
Americanism and Israeli Zionism will be
successfully challenged by malevolent, offensive
entities whose ultimate fate will become evident in
the consummation of apocalyptic Scripture.

Americanism and Zionism are the Alpha and the
Omega of raw, apocalyptic, everlasting God-given

Raw power may be defined as a power that is not
subordinated to mere humanistic control.

Raw power is unrefined and seemingly unlimited
due to the actual Presence of Almighty God's
Uncreated Spirit.

Raw Power is currently exhibited by UAV Reaper
strikes, B-2 Spirit bomber missions, aircraft carrier
groups' presence on the seven seas, Trident and
Virginia-class nuclear submarines, and state-of-the-
art satellite systems.

Seven naval chokepoints are protected and kept free
by an aerospace nuclear umbrella provided by the
USA-NATO superstructure.

Taiwan Strait

2) Malacca Strait

3) Strait of Hormuz

4) Suez Canal

5) Greenland-Iceland-UK (GIUK) Gap

Strait of Gibraltar

7) Panama Canal

The airpower of any nation within the Organisation
for Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has been forever
neutralized by the Millennial air supremacy given to
King Emmanuel's Israeli Air Force.

The triumviral model of governance by Emmanuel,
David, and Solomon is a corporate composite of
Federalism, the USA's representative democracy;
Constitutional Monarchy, the British model; and
Theocracy, the Presence and Throne of Emmanuel.

Israeli King Emmanuel is the leader in Elijah's
Restoration of empowered Zionism, renewing and
optimizing the Order of Melchizedek, an order
within the realm of Natural Law.  

God's People learn, as a Law written within our
hearts, the examples of Enoch and Noah, whose
lives included the originally-intended common sense
of walking with God.    

But errant people groups of every societal strata
have the same basic corruptible template:

Envy instead of love;
Contempt instead of affection;
Egocentricity instead of deference;
Greed instead of philanthropy;
Negligence instead of care;
Rebellion instead of obedience;
Blasphemy instead of reverence and worship;
Paranoia instead of revelation;
Ignorance instead of learning;
Recidivism instead of correction;
Peril instead of security;
Barbaric murder instead of compassion and rescue.  

The Scepter of the God of Israel, the Scepter of
Judah, is operational power, an observable dynamic
flowing from the dominion of Judeo-Christian

The Scepter of Judah and Shiloh is now fully
invested with Emmanuel's global jurisdiction, with
responsibilities and obsessive concern for all
peoples who deserve protection and help . . .

More of this type of writing will follow in Volume 2
of Millennial Civilization in 2013 AD . . .

Alex Rothschild 2012 / 5773