Contempt for the Prophet
LAUGHTER   Sinners laugh at the Prophet's spiritual correctness  
The people laugh at a person sent to tell them that
their disobedient behaviors are corrupt, and in
desperate need of penitence. The sinner's attitude is
contrary to prophetic admonition, asserting the
empowered sinner's superior position. The
prophetic servant and messenger, sent by the God
of Israel, is distinguished to be pathetic, different
due to the most basic divergence from the
normatives of the sinners' corrupt, self-indulgent,
habitual behaviors. Consumption's excessive
sex, and money
are the unholy trinity of sinners'
compulsive behaviors, everyday.

IRRITABILITY   Sinners are irritated by the Prophet's persistence
The people are irritated by the persistence of the
messenger who is driven to inform and to inspire
them. The myriad of behavioral sins in the cesspool
immorality, the atheism contrary to the religious
'opiate,' and the violence of
felony behaviors, are
targeted by the
proverbial teachings of the prophet.
The prophet is compelled to correct and save
regardless of abusive laughter or threats or
ostracization, appealing with constancy to those
few who will recognize the Spirit's flow of words.

ANGER   Sinners threaten the Prophet; they arrest, they ostracize
Atheistic hedonists become angered by the
apparently stubborn, stupid, continued insistence
conviction of bad behaviors, and the obsessive,
prophetic need to help a populace on a path of
self-destruction, makes
loud the voice of God Who
chooses to thunder that
'the end is near.' Whether
by cancers, or heart attacks, or diseases, or wars,
or earthquakes, or tsunami, or tornadoes, or
suicides, or the knives, guns, fires and bombs of
the End of aborted life is always
an immediate option for the reaping
Sword of the
wielded by sanctification's mourning, angry,
Omnipotent Creator, Father and Shepherd.

MURDER   Sinners lynch the Prophet; he is a threat to the State
The people murder an activist who has crossed the
, trying to 'ruin our lives' by directly affecting  
behavioral choices, or the processes and institutions
that provide for the insulation of the comfortable,
complacent, mindless, desperate need for
uninterrupted, lawless pleasure-mongering and/or
unjustified acts of political violence. This murder,
for example, in the modern Soviet Union, was also
an ostensibly
non-violent elimination, relegating the
dissenting spiritual activist to the domain of secular
psychiatry and institutionalization.

From the suffering of
the Prophet Jeremiah, to the
Crucifixion of Emmanuel, to the decapitation of
Sophie Scholl, we see the murder of the innocent
messenger. The secular power of prosecution and
elimination is a convenient, desperately-needed
option for the temporarily empowered entity, the
opposite of the
Davidic prophet's sanctification;
consumptive, impenitent, contemptuous entities
substantially populate every society, worldwide.  

Irreligious secularism, and pseudo-religious Islamic
jihadists, are now
(2012 AD) incontrovertibly
convicted in a prophetic,
apocalyptic expose of
disobedience, debauchery, felony crime, urban
chaos, irrational terrorism, military
and murderous, anti-Judeo-Christian blasphemy.

We respectfully protect
all religious expression by
the wisdom of our Constitution's
First Amendment;
while they, the terrorists and protagonists of Islamic
Sharia globalism,
plot terrorist acts to infiltrate, kill,
and take over Western Civilization's societies.

Humanity is mostly in compulsive, consumptive

, at war against the Israeli Spirit of King
Zionism, disobedient to the requirements of
King Solomon's proverbial Wisdom. They choose to
Emmanuel's Millennial Civilization.

Millennial Civilization is Almighty God's Jewish Plan
at the Center of the Nations, Israel's New Jerusalem
sanctification, spiritual obedience, compatability
and camaraderie, prosperity, and an intelligent

More will be written about the
sufferings of the
prophets in this project's following books, including
select episodes from several biographies  . . .
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