1) The flow of  Words
from the abundance of the heart, spoken or written

2) The flow of  
physical and/or mental effort, tasks performed

3) The flow of  
providing financial support, taxes and philanthropy

4) The flow of  
always ready to be shed in donations or martyrdom

5) The flow of  
Reproductive seed
regenerating at least a few saintly children.

An observation of these
five flows is just one means
to evaluate
sanctification, or lack thereof, in any
individual's lifestyle. Mere animals are instinctual,
eaters, consumers whose hunger and
bad habits easily devolve into
killing. Animals have
no sense of a Rule of Law, no natural, intellectual

or morality, no prayerful consciousness of a
Creator and Father.

Saints of the Most High, the Millennial Society
of Emmanuel's Civilization, are a
sanctified group of human beings who
have not taken their soul in vain; the
and consecration of the human mind, heart, soul
and body is optimized by the actual Presence of the
Spirit of God flooding the perfecting organism.

The productivity of a citizen, in the Restoration of
the Kingdom of
David, has been made purely
exocentric with a reward of Everlasting Love from
the Designer of this process, including incorruptible
health, wealth, and immortality, with the splendor
of weddings; legitimate, heterosexual relationships.  

Homosapien 'animals' are under
judgment for
blasphemy, lies, and obscenity, parasitic lethargy,
negligence, selfishness, cowardice, murder, and
mindless immorality that includes whoremonging,
prostitution, adultery, pornography, homosexuality,
incest, and pedophilia.

Flows are often, by choice, corrupt, unclean, and
self-destructive, a forfeiture of the sanctified

of Israeli King Emmanuel's Risen Saints.
The Five Flows
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Identifying and Evaluating a Sanctified Lifestyle
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